Wake Up In The Morning Feeling Like Al Shepard

Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr. is history's most epic human being. And now there is a blog dedicated to celebrating this epicness.

a spin-off blog of Space and Stuff, IDK and sister blog to Fuck Yeah Gene Cernan.


Astronaut Alan B. Shepard


Car Maintenance with Alan Shepard: Part 1


Here is a photoset of Alan Shepard posing majestically in a boat.


www.Retro Space Images.com - Bonus Image of the Day - All Systems Not Really Go - Alan Shepard addresses a group of MFA Honorees on the status of the Apollo 9 launch, and head colds that have postponed the launch for a few days. Photo taken in Cocoa Beach on February 27, 1969.

Al has decided to threaten the systems into going.


Do you ever try to take stock of your life and ask yourself, “Why do I have so many pictures of Al Shepard in a sauna?”




Alan Shepard, June 1970.

Oh haaaay gurl

I miss this blog.


Even with yellowed newsprint and horrible watermarks, Alan Shepard is still classy.



Flight’s over. It’s hard to tell with the way this is cropped, but Alan looks as if he’s sprinting across the deck. This confuses me.

Also, look at the guy in the background. LOOK HOW SMUG HE IS.

It looks like Al just spotted a particularly cute kitty cat on the deck of the ship and is heading to give it a darn good squeeze.


The book briefly discusses Alan Shepard receiving an award for flying Freedom 7, and then writes, “At the controls of a much different instrument, father leads the family in some favorite songs.”



1/18/64: “Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr., above, relaxes with a book in Hermann Hospital in Houston Saturday morning. Shepard underwent a 75-minute throat operation Friday for the removal of a non-malignant growth on his thyroid gland.”

Al, I like your robe.